Thursday, May 28, 2009

One too many desire

I made this card yesterday using the SEI pp that I got since last year. I always ended up buying paper that I don't really like or had a hard time figure out what to do with them. The easiest one to use would be those with polka dots or lines or simple symetrical designs. They don't usually sit at my desk for long. I guess I'm not that creative after

The bird with the golden swirls you see here is a sticker that my SIL bought for me from a local bookstore. Isn't she's sweet? And I finally can see the embossed dots on this picture.

I just got myself a cuttlebug machine months ago and now I wish to own the slice machine by Making Memories. I also wish to buy a Nikon D-40 camera and also a HP Pavilion notebook. The desire to own all of them are so strong that it's driving me nuts. Oh no, I think I have to stop thinking about them, at least for a while. Oh yeah, did I mention that I want an i-phone too? A girl can't be too greedy, can she :)

Have a nice day ya!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dear Friend Card

Finally it rained! We need it so desperately! We had hazy weather for 3 days and luckily it rained this morning. It was extremely hot here! It was so hot that the moment I step out from the shower, I was cover in sweat again. That's how it's like to be living in Malaysia :) Or at least in Penang (one of the state in Malaysia)
I finally got the swiss dots embossing folder from my friend and here's what I created for CPS#16. I never did an umbrella card but I like how it turned out. I handstiched the umbrella and add trim to the edge. I then distressed the edge of the brown cardstock but I don't think you can see it in this picture.
Have a great Tuesday! See ya!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Laura's Sketch 26 & 2S4Y Ultimate Card Showdown

I finally had the chance to use the Sassafrass Lass pp that I bought since last year. I always wanted to use it but didn't know how until yesterday when I want to create a card for 2S4Y challenge. Not sure if my card interprete the sketch correctly though :)

If you didn't already know the big news from 2S4Y, they are going to launch their 1st Annual 2 Sketches 4 You Ulitimate Card Showdown! How cool is that! For more details, go to 2S4Y and feast your eyes on the grand prize that they offer to the one lucky cardmaker. I can't wait for June to come :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CPS #15

I got mysef a cuttlebug machine 2 months ago through Amazon. My friend who just got back from US is kind enough to bring back for me. It's heavy, mind you. I was a bit afraid to use it at first. It seems like the plastic is too thick to go through. After much courage and lots of ooohhh and aaahh (my friend was with me at that time), I finally got it through! Haha...silly me :) Anyway, I'm having tons of fun playing with my new toy! Too bad I just bought 2 embossing folder. One is happy birthday and the other one is swiss dots. I have to buy more :)

Let's move on to my cards. For this week's Card Patterns Sketch, I created a card using the happy birthday embossing folder. Oh boy, the photo does not do justice to the card. You can't really see the embossed wordings on the card, can you?

I hope you can see it clearer here. I hand-stitched the border and stamped the swirl in black ink and covered it with stickles. Once again, the photo does not do justice to the card :(

And here's another card order I received from my SIL. This card is easy for me. The only hard part is the stitching since I do not own a sewing machine.

Thanks for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog! I appreciate it so much!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Card for Mom

Hi there! Here's one more Mother's day card that I wanted to show you. The Mother's day cards that I created earlier had been sold out. So, I made another one for my mom. I always wanted to create a distressed paper flower but never got the chance to do so until this card.

I crumpled and distressed the edge of the flower. And since I do not own any distressing tool, I have to use the conventional way to distressed the edge. Sand paper and scissors, of course. Then, I hand-stitched the border as well as the ribbon stem and leaf. I try to create the whole vintage look but I'm not sure my card look quite like it. But it's ok because my mom loves it!

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fab 5 at 2S4Y

Oh wow! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my name on the fab 5 list at 2S4Y! I'm so so so happy and honoured! Thank you Laura and Kazan! Check out here

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Laura's Sketch 25

I was asked to create a farewell card by my SIL. The recipient is a guy and she wanted the card to be as simple as possible. It is always a challenge for me to create masculine card. I was so used to flowers, ribbons and all the girly stuff and it took me a moment to think what else can I use to embellish my card? Well, only two thing came to mind. Star and button. You can't go wrong with that, can you?

Wow, I've missed Laura's sketch for months! Can you believe that? I'm just so glad that I could play along this week. And congratulations to all the ladies that make it to DT! Can't wait to see their work in weeks to come. Anyway, here's the card I created using Laura's sketch.

Stitching is fun and I'm so addicted to it. If I see any space on my card, I would just fill it with stitches. A lot of work, yes but a whole lot of fun!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CPS #13

Sorry for being MIA for almost 2 weeks. My husband was away for 5 months and I got to helped him packed his stuff. In case you didn't already know, my husband is a sailor and he's usually gone for 3-5 months. He stopped sailing for almost 1+ year to continue his mate master studies. Thank God...he passed his exam with flying colours :) He used to sail for 9 months and we only get to see each other once a year. But now, he only required to sail at least 3 months and get 1 month holiday. A lot of my friends have asked me how could I stand without seeing him for months? Well, I would tell them if you love someone, you would sacrifice for him or her. And they also ask what do I do while he's away? My reply?? Making cards of course!! Lol :)

It's fun and enjoyable to see all the beautiful cards created by the DT and the participants. And here's what I came out with. This card took me less than an hour to create (it usually took me more than an hour to create just a card...I'm that slow)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day, ya!