Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My favorites of 2013: Layouts

As 2013 is coming to an end, I'm thinking to share some of my favorite layouts that I've made this year. Some of which are being featured on Crate Paper blog as well as Studio Calico. 

I don't really know the direction I am heading nor making any plans as far as scrapbooking is concern, but one thing for sure is I will work on my Project Life and trying my best to be a good mom to my kids. 2014, I am so ready for you! xoxo

Friday, December 27, 2013

♥ ♥ ♥

I've been an avid Instagram user @cindylee12 lately.....simply because it makes documenting our everyday lives so much easier. I also love how I can snap pictures with my phone in an instant and edit them at the same time. All these conveniences got me thinking of doing Project Life again. Without a clue or whatsoever, I actually started Project Life earlier this year and sorta struggled and somewhat overwhelmed with the entire process that I gave up. 

But as our 2nd baby is coming along in 2014 and the fact that Abby is growing up too fast, I realized the importance to record milestones and our family's memories in a tangible format and Project Life seemed to be the perfect fit. I feel that I am now ready to take on Project Life again! xoxo

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Wrapping

We are only two days away from Christmas and are you done with your Christmas shopping or wrap up the presents you bought for family and friends? No? Neither do I :) I have a few more things to buy or do on my list before the Christmas day but I am proud to say that I've wrapped more than half of the presents that I'd bought (pat on the back). If you stay long enough on this blog, you would have known that I love wrapping as much as I love cardmaking/scrapbooking. And so I have a few Christmas wrapping to share today and I hope it gives you some idea on your last minute wrapping. Let's get on to it!

I am a big fan of kraft paper (a really really big fan!).....and the fact that it comes in plain gives me more room to explore my creativity. So I thought I'd share six fun ways to decorate them.

Idea #1: Washi tape and lace works well to create a more feminine look to the otherwise plain brown paper.

Idea #2: Tie with bakers twine and finish it off with a wool/yarn pom pom. 

Idea #3: Create a bow with glitter tape and glue some fake berries and leaves in the middle of the bow.

Idea #4: Make your own glittered star. Cut out a star from a template, paint the entire surface with glue mix with water (ratio: three parts of glue with one part of water), sprinkle glitter on it until the entire surface is covered with glitter. Let the glue dry before tapping off the excess. 

Idea #5: Tie with pom pom ribbons

Idea #6: Create a star (or any shape your heart desires) shape with lacing braid. 

I hope you are inspired to create that one-of-a-kind packaging for your family and friends. xoxo

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Today I celebrate my 32nd birthday and feeling really blessed to have family and friends remembering it. When I was younger, I would get very excited on my birthday because it was a big deal to me back then. But as I grow older and especially after being a mom, birthday is no longer a big deal anymore. In fact, my birthday is the day where my mom had suffered and gone through tremendous pain to bring me into this world. So today should not only about me but instead remembering the great love that my mom had for me. I love you mom! xoxo

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blog or no blog? Blog that is!

Do people still read blog these days? The blogging community of today is so much different from back when I first started. Back then there were no Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter nor Instagram and blogs are the only places people seek for inspiration. Sadly, the scene had changed when social media sprouted in the recent years and the blogging community took a plunge. One can be very active in Pinterest or Instragram but hardly ever update her post....and that's me.

I'm such a big fan of Pinterest and with just a few clicks on the mouse, I can find anything and everything under one roof. And with Instagram/Facebook, I am immediately connected with friends all over the world. And so the time spend on my blog or on other blogger's blog has becoming lesser and lesser. I felt guilty whenever someone leaves me a comment and I haven't done back the same to them. I am deliberating almost everyday if I should continue blogging. Is it worth my time at all? It took me a long time to figure out the future of this blog or the direction it's heading and I've finally had it figure out, only yesterday.

Decision has been made and I've decided to continue to blog for as long as possible. It may not be all about cardmaking/scrapbooking anymore as I want this blog to be as personal as it can be. I hope to be close to my reader (if any) and make them feel as if they know me in real life. So expect to see me in the blogging world for many years to come :)

If you are still reading this, thanks for making it this far! It feels like something heavy is lifted off my chest and it makes me happy! xoxo

Source unknown

Monday, December 9, 2013

Working towards a better cook at home.....

I have been hit by the cooking lately and if you are following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that my feed is currently all about food (besides Abby of course).

The reason I am being active in the kitchen is because my MIL injured her knee a while back and cooking is an impossible task for her right now. But she's doing fine and recuperating at home while I temporary took over the kitchen. It may seem like a daunting task, juggling between work and rushing home to cook every day, even on weekends. I used to cook occasionally but never on a daily basis so I surprised myself when I say I enjoy it.Yep, I really do :)


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CARDS May 2013 issue

Hello! It's been a while since I've shared my published cards here and honestly I've almost forgotten about it. I have not been very active in making cards as I used to be and I hope one day I shall get back into the groove. So right now I only have these to share which some of you might have already seen it before I removed it from the blog.

You may not know but these cards had gone through some issues before they were published. Originally these cards were accepted for the Cards January issue but somehow they weren't collected from the post office. I had a shock when Paige emailed to tell me that my cards were never arrive in their office. Luckily I sent them with a tracking number and a quick check showed that a notice was already left in their office and obviously no one has pick them up. Then I sent Paige an email with the tracking status and true enough they found the notice in their office. I was a bit upset that my cards were left in the post office for months and that I already missed the publication. However, Paige was apologetic and was kind enough to publish my cards in their May 2013 issue.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We're Having Another Baby!

Opps I did it again! It has been more than three months since my last post and I am guilty as charge. Would I be forgiven if I told you that I have good reason for my sudden disappearance? We are having another baby! Well, yes....I am pregnant with our second child and already 23 weeks into the pregnancy! 

I have been wanting to share the news sooner but the lack of energy combined with the crazy pregnancy hormone made me put this on hold.....until today. We did an ultrasound a few weeks ago and we are thrilled to find out we are having another baby girl! Yay! I am happy that Abby is going to have a little sister to play with and hopeful that these two will get along well. 

Moving on to crafty stuff, I have a mini book to share. I made these for a good friend of mine, Jessy when we visited her in KL a few months back. She took a lot of pictures of her beautiful daughter, Katelynn and it gave me an idea to put them into a mini book. I kept the pages simple to allow the pictures speak for themselves and 95% of the products used are from Crate Paper.

That's all I have for today and thanks for stopping by! Hope to be back soon!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Case Study 3rd Anniversary

Hello and welcome to Case Study Challenge 3rd Anniversary! Three years have passed and Case Study Challenge is still going strong and to celebrate the milestone, we are having our annual blog hop and I am so glad to be a part of it! You should have arrived here from the talented JJ Bolton

This year's theme is about inspiration and this beautiful card by Carina Lindholm caught my eye in an instant! And I work my design based on it.

Here is my take. I love the background hearts and hope to re-create something similar. I cut out 9 squares from patterned paper and punched out tiny hearts in each square. I hope you like this card as much as I do. Your next stop would be at Kristii Lockart

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hello! Glad to be back to this humble blog. Lately, I was feeling a bit unwell and all my scrapping and blogging has been put behind. But today I thought of pop in quickly to share some of the project that I've done a while back.

This was created for Crate Paper's creative weekly challenge and it got featured on CP blog weeks ago. The challenge was about polka dots and so I created a polka dots background for my layered photos. What makes this challenge extra special is that a few of my fellow crafters from Malaysia were also featured on the blog. Way to go ladies!

Next up is a layout for Jillibean Soup. Can you spot the new Happy Camper Stew paper? Love it!

Lastly a simple card for Jillibean Soup. Gotta admit that I love this card a lot!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jillibean Soup: Hi Sunshine

Hello! Just wanted to pop in quickly to share a little sunshine card that I created for Jillibean Soup. A very quick and simple card that I created under 15mins. To set things straight, this doesn't happen very often but when it does it makes me very happy. Don't you just love the corrugated cloud and the sun peeking behind it. To make the design more interesting, I just had to add the polka dots heart. Love! 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Over the weekend, I made two layouts using products from my all time favorite manufacturer, Crate Paper. This particular layout uses a lot of Maggie Holmes collection and some slide frames from The Pier collection. Oh I love those frames! Think I am going to hoard them for as long as possible. As you may have already know, I love to include layers on my layout. The more the better. To create a soft and dreamy layout, I added tissue paper underneath the layered patterned paper. Love it! I finish off the page by splattered some acrylic paint as you would with mist.

Thanks for looking!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Jillibean Soup: Happy Camper Stew Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the Jillibean Soup Happy Camper Stew blog hop! You should arrive here from the Jillibean Soup blog! Today all the DT members are sharing their projects using the New Happy Camper Stew collection on their blog and here is a quick page I made for the hop.

In Malaysia, we have summer all year long and due to the hot and humid weather, camping is not a popular activity here. Since I don't have any camping photos on hand, I found a recent photo of us taken at a zoo. That is the closest I can find and thought it works just fine. Don't you just love the feathers and arrows paper? No doubt they are my favorite! I kept the overall design simple and used an earthy palette to match the title of my page. I hope you like it and don't forget to visit Jillibean Soup blog on how to win their attractive prize!

Supplies: Jillibean Soup
Patterned Paper: Happy Camper Stew/Dash of Danger/Score of S'mores
Bite Size Bits: Happy Camper Stew
Pea Pod Parts: Happy Camper Stew
Alphabeans: Mushroom Gray; Apple Green; Braised Brown

Your next stop will be the talented Danni Reid

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jillibean Soup: Special Delivery XOXO

I'm still pretty much in love with the Chilled Cucumber Soup paper! No, not I'm getting bored yet. Are you? Today, I'm sharing a simple card made with my favorite paper and some die-cut from the Irish Farmhouse Soup and a vintage ephemera. I stamped the xoxo with Versa Fine ink in Sepia and finished off the card with hearts banner. Aren't those tiny hearts the cutest thing? Josie was kind enough to cut them for me :)

Before I go, I have something exciting to share on the 5th (6th in Malaysian time) and please come again. You would want to find out what it's all about!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Jillibean Soup: 3

Hello! It seems like June is flying by and without me realizing July is here already. I'm supposed to share this layout that I created for Jillibean Soup last month but oh well, we all have moment like this don't we?

I thought this picture of Jessy with her husband and her baby girl Katelynn was just too cute that I had to put them into a page. I love how it all came together considering the fact that I struggled quite a bit in the beginning. Amazing how certain placement of elements can completely change the overall design. Love it!

We were busy with activities during the weekends and I hardly have the time to scrap. This cute face steals my heart every single day! I still love her even she say no to everything I ask her to do. Yes, we have officially enter terrible two even though she's only 17 months old!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wrap Up: Painted Stripes

June proves to be a productive month for me and I love when this busy mama found some time to create...even if it's a short while. A good friend of mine gave birth to her second child and I know she loves packaging as much as I do. Ever since I started cardmaking way back in 2008, I haven't bought a single sheet of wrapping paper. I much rather create my own packaging and make the recipient feel extra special. Inspired by the sea foam acrylic paint I had for a while, I decided to create painted stripes on the kraft paper. Before I start painting, I took out my washi tape and simply tape on the kraft surface to act like a mask leaving 0.8" space in between. Then I apply a thin layer of acrylic paint on the entire surface, making sure that each painted stripes are even. Then I slowly peel off the washi tape to reveal the unpainted area. Tada.....a personalized package done under 30minutes. I hope you enjoy this! I'm planning to make a series of gift wrapping ideas on this blog. What you think?


Monday, June 17, 2013

Sweet Little Moments

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was a super busy one but it's all good. Due to a project that Josie and I had been doing, I missed celebrating Father's day with my hubby so I decided to make a layout as a gift for him. This picture was taken on the day Abby opened her first birthday presents and glad that I managed to capture this special moment of them together. Look how happy they were! I combined a few different manufacturers on this layout....there are Glitz Design, Dear Lizzy, Studio Calico, Fancy Pants, Freckled Fawn and Amy Tangerine. The cut file was a freebie from Chic Tags. I finished off the page with some sewing and printed message that reads " so many of my smiles begin with you". 

Do come back soon as I will share pictures of the project that I mentioned on this blog. Stay tuned!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jillibean Soup: Just For You

I kinda lost touch with stamping ever since I started scrapbooking and when I received these stamps from Jillibean Soup, I re-discovered my inky self. Really, it has been a while since I used stamps on my project and it felt fresh to be able to use one on my card. For some reason, I really like this card. I hope you do too :) It's based on Kimber's sketch and it can be found on Jillibean Soup blog.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jillibean Soup: Favorite Photo

We have wet and gloomy weather right now but it's totally fine with me because we pretty much have summer all year long. I don't mind the the damp weather a bit, just wish it last a little longer :)

I have mentioned in a previous post that I have an upcoming project with Josie and this is the week! I promise I will share what it is about when it is over. Hang in there, alright?

This is a recent layout I did for Jillibean Soup. I'm a big fan of the Irish Farmhouse soup collection and it's really easy to create a vintage/rustic style layout. As you can see I love to have multiple layers behind my photos to create depth and interest. I usually choose the photo that I want and slowly create layers from there. Once I'm happy with the placing, I adhere the pieces down with tape runner. Then came the fun part...embellishments! Not sure if it happens to you but I always forget to mist my page first. So what I did was I cover the layered photo with a piece of paper and it works every time. 

Have a great day!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jillibean Soup: You Have Such a Beautiful Smile

I never knew that feathers can be such a beautiful thing and how it could add special touch to any kind of project until I make one myself. I have been seeing this trend everywhere and thought to myself "well I can do this too". And so I did....paper feathers that is. Not to mention it's super easy to do too. Nicole Nowosad came up with a tutorial on the Jillibean Soup blog sometime ago and you can check it out here. In fact, the feathers on this layout was inspired by her and I love how it turned out. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jillibean Soup: Hello There!

June is going to be a fun and exciting month because Josie and I have an upcoming project that I just can't share yet. It's a big scale project if you ask me because it's the first time we are doing this and we are really excited about it. Wish us luck! 

Now I just can't leave you without sharing anything, can I? No. Here's a card I made based on Kimber's sketch that can be found here. I had so much fun working with Kimber's sketch and always look forward at how the rest of the DT interpreted her sketch. They were different but fabulous in every way! This time, I followed the sketch loosely and used the banners from the sketch as my starting point. Instead of creating banners again, I decided to wrap my card with the colorful baker twine from Jillibean Soup. I realized that I have never use most of the twine that Jillibean Soup sent me so I made a point to use them this time. Consider this as stepping out of my comfort zone :)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jillibean Soup: Wishes Card

Hello there! I'm back again with another card to share. I'm happy whenever I get the chance to post regularly but having a full time job and a baby to care for, this blog of mine is often being neglected. Poor thing. I'm working on it though....I have a lot of crafty ideas that I wanted to share with you but needed the time to do so....please hang in there with me.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Irish Farmhouse collection by Jillibean Soup! Have I said that already? Opps...but I needed to say it one more time! Lol. Thanks to the die cuts, this card came together pretty quickly and it saves me a lot of time. Love it when that happens. 

Have a great day my beautiful friends!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jillibean Soup: I Believe In Good Friends Forever

This layout was up on the Jillibean Soup blog last week and it's by far my favorite. I used a lot of Irish Farmhouse collection and I LOVE it so much! When I saw these paper, the vintage side of me immediately took over and I created the layout above. I started by randomly spray my background paper with white mist using a polka dot mask. Then I painted the top left with white acrylic paint and I realized I don't have talent in painting at all because it looked horrible. Fortunately, I get to cover my mistake by layering several pattern paper on it and love how the white paint sneak out from behind. I hope you read the title as good friends forever and not good friends Forever is a long word so I cut it short with an apostrophe. Hope you like it too!


Friday, May 10, 2013

We Are Family + Cutesie Photos of Abby

Before I start, I would like to say THANK YOU for the time you took to leave a comment or two on my blog. You know who you are and I truly appreciate it! With that, I want to give you a big bear hug!

 I made a layout the other day using only the Dear Lizzy paper from the Lucky Charm collection. Honestly the colors are not really my style but I love the design so much that I went ahead and bought them anyway. No regrets as the paper work so well together! I usually love to work on the same collection because the patterns and colors are designed to work for each kinda saves me some time to rummage through my stash to find the perfect one. I hope you like this one :)

Oh and before I go....I have to share this. She's too cute not to share right? Lol.....

 Abby at 14 months