Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Wrapping

We are only two days away from Christmas and are you done with your Christmas shopping or wrap up the presents you bought for family and friends? No? Neither do I :) I have a few more things to buy or do on my list before the Christmas day but I am proud to say that I've wrapped more than half of the presents that I'd bought (pat on the back). If you stay long enough on this blog, you would have known that I love wrapping as much as I love cardmaking/scrapbooking. And so I have a few Christmas wrapping to share today and I hope it gives you some idea on your last minute wrapping. Let's get on to it!

I am a big fan of kraft paper (a really really big fan!).....and the fact that it comes in plain gives me more room to explore my creativity. So I thought I'd share six fun ways to decorate them.

Idea #1: Washi tape and lace works well to create a more feminine look to the otherwise plain brown paper.

Idea #2: Tie with bakers twine and finish it off with a wool/yarn pom pom. 

Idea #3: Create a bow with glitter tape and glue some fake berries and leaves in the middle of the bow.

Idea #4: Make your own glittered star. Cut out a star from a template, paint the entire surface with glue mix with water (ratio: three parts of glue with one part of water), sprinkle glitter on it until the entire surface is covered with glitter. Let the glue dry before tapping off the excess. 

Idea #5: Tie with pom pom ribbons

Idea #6: Create a star (or any shape your heart desires) shape with lacing braid. 

I hope you are inspired to create that one-of-a-kind packaging for your family and friends. xoxo


  1. Pretty lo....where is my present ?? Hahahha..u owe me........

  2. Great idea!!!! You did so well with gift wrapping!!!! Brilliant.... Wishing you and family a merry & happy Christmas.... hugs....x

  3. Your beautifully wrapped presents makes mine look so argghh… LOL so happy to receive them :)