Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The mess on my desk

  • Can't stand the sight of my messy desk.....I need a bigger room! 
  • Hubby is coming home next week after been away for almost 3 months :)
  • Craving for some scones with cream cheese. Yumm yumm!
  • I don't feel chatty today so I am keeping this post short and sweet. Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's fun when you have something to post.......

  • Today's post title is the longest in my blog history, lol :)
  • As you can see, I am still experimenting with my camera. Still can't find the perfect lightning so I had to turn to Photoshop to make it look okay but still not very happy with it. 
  • Coffee is a must to perk me up in the morning.
  • Been spending too much money on crafting and buy more than I need. But every time I see pretty stuff especially new arrivals, I can't resist buying them. I need help! 
  • Still trying to post regularly.
  • I must have late night snack every day and I am not talking about bread, cookies or chips. Yesterday, I had instant noodle and bacon. And the night before I had fish & chips. Yeah, no kidding! Josie said I must have a big fat worm in my stomach. Gross!
  • I broke out my newly bought Portrait paper and buttons by Crate Paper. The buttons are so pretty and honestly I am reluctant to use them. But then I hoard enough buttons and I am letting this go. 
  • Yes, I hand stitched on the card. And no, I am not giving this card :p

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Card

Hello friends! This will be another super quick post as I am rushing out to watch a movie with my mother-in-law.   I managed to create 3 cards this morning and I am so happy about it. I lost my mojo quite a while and I am happy that I got it back today :) Everything else except the graph paper is from Crate Paper - Emma Shoppe collection. Hope you like it! Got to run!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a great way to start my morning!

Hello friends! As I got home from work last night, something familiar caught my eye. When I saw it, I immediately knew what it was.......a notice from post office to collect my parcel! Woohoo!!! So I woke up early this morning, had breakfast with my in-laws and headed to the post office like a little girl going to the candy shop. I am all smiles :) There are three boxes for my published cards in Nov, Dec and Feb (wondering where's my Jan stuff). I am excited and thought of sharing a picture with you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Being 30 is awesome!

Hello friends! Yay, I am back to regular posting. Let's see how long I can keep with that :) After yesterday's post, I thought it was more fun to post random thoughts and decided to do it for all my future post. With that said, here are my random thoughts of the day.
  • It's that time of the month again *not fun*
  • Had leftover birthday cake and coffee for breakfast.
  • Had a great dinner with my family last night. I finished everything on my plate and even had two cups of coffee. 
  • Made a layout this morning :)
  • Love the song "Price Tag" by Jessie J. I can listen to it all day. In fact, I am listening to it while typing this :)
  • Yes, being 30 is awesome (in my humble opinion)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Being lazy....

Hello friends! I feel so lazy to write a full post today so I decided to write down my thoughts and feelings in point form. The easiest and quickest way to update my blog, don't you think? :) 
  • Had fun experimenting with my "new" camera and trying to understand shutter, ISO, aperture......and so on. To all experts out there, if you have a tip or two for me I would truly appreciate it :)
  • Had bacon and coffee for breakfast while watching Korean series on TV.
  • Looking forward to dinner with my family tonight. An early birthday celebration for my father-in-law. He is the best father-in-law one could ever had.
  • Hoping to update my blog daily.
  • It is only 11:30am and I am already thinking of what to have for lunch, lol :)
  • Miss my hubby and my mom.
  • Desperate to create a layout but no photos.....*frustrated*
  • Watched Cougar Town yesterday and I am the biggest fans! Been watching it since their first airing and all the cast especially Courtney Cox are so awesomely hilarious! Who else love Cougar Town?
Ok, done with my thoughts. Now, I have a card to share.....

  • This card took me more than an hour to complete. But in the end, I love the result.
  • More Emma Shoppe paper.....can you tell? Lol.
  • Painted the chipboard frame by Maya Road with acrylic paint. Applied a thin layer of craft glue and sprinkled with lots of fine glitter by Martha Stewart.
  • Replaced the "O" with a rub-on heart by Pink Paislee. 
Got to run! Hope to create something tonight and if I do, you will "see" me again tomorrow :) Have a great day, my lovely friends!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New toy and published cards.......

Just a week ago, I posted on my hubby's Facebook wall about me wanting a DSLR camera. He always discouraged me whenever I mentioned about getting a new camera. "Don't waste your money" was his usual response. So imagined my surprise when he posted on his wall that he agreed to buy one for me! It's actually a second hand camera that I bought from my bestie and it is still in good condition. So right now I have been busy playing with my 'new' toy and let's see how long it takes for me to master the basic skill of photography :)

Here are some of my published cards that I have yet to share on my crafty corner. January 2011 had a been a blessing month for me as three of my cards were picked for this issue and one of it made it to the cover. 

The February issue.....

The March issue.....

Hope to see you very soon! Toodles!