Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Enjoy ♥

Two post in a day! Come on....I deserves a pat on the back, don't I? I made this card weeks ago and was supposed to blog about it but completely forgotten. So here it is.

 everything on this card is my favorite....washi tape, butterfly, flair badge, jute twine, staples, arrows  and of course beautiful paper by Studio Calico
 I love graphics.....I really do
 I love Studio Calico.....I really, really do
 I love washi tape.....I really, really, really
 looking at this card, I realized my style has evolved yet I said, I love graphics and  this style truly speaks to me right now.....what you think?
 and it explains why I love Studio Calico so much


@5Months ♥

She turned 5 months last week. I was looking through pictures  I took of her since the first day she was born and I could see how much she has grown. Those first few weeks of being a new mother was still fresh in my memory. Back then I had no clue why my newborn had to suck every two hours or so and some sessions could last for hours (at least four). I was exhausted and puzzled. I had baby blues too and thank God it went away after the first month. Fast forward five months and while being a mother is a life time job with huge, huge responsibility....I would still tell you that I love my job! Ask me again when she turns one year :)

What's new @ 22 weeks:
 she's super loud now especially when she don't get what she wanted...she will scream with big tears trickled down her cheeks...seriously where did she learn this from 
 she's very good in doing the roll thing in which my bed is no longer a safe place to leave her unsupervised
 she gets very, very distracted if she hears someone talks while I am nursing her....what an inquisitive little baby
 super active and kicking is her hobby
 she will laughs out loud if something amuse her such as her mother's silly
 loves to rub her face...whether she's hot, sleepy or angry
 doens't want bottle when night kidding...she can't be tricked either
 she grabs at everything and put into her mouth
 I have at least a few strands of hair pulled off by her every day

We are finally going for our first trip next week. The first was cancelled. I am usually travel smart when it comes to packing but with a baby in tow, the list of stuff to bring is so overwhelming. I am talking about liquid detergent, breast pump, unlimited supplies of diapers....and the list goes on. Seriously, does anyone even put liquid detergent in their luggage? Luckily we are driving so don't you worry that I might get myself into trouble with immigration officer for suspicion of terrorist 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Blog Hop Winner ♥

Congrats Lynda!!! I will be in contact with you soon. Thank you everyone for your kinds words about my mini book kit. The blog hop was so much fun and hope to have another one in the future. Yay!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Instagram Summer Blog Hop ♥


I love Insatagram! Who doesn't? I love it even before I own an iphone. You could have guess correctly which apps I installed first when I got the phone. Instagram of course!Besides the fact I can share pictures with my friends in an instant, I also love their filters. When Jessy (who is both my craft and Instagram buddy) invited me to join the Instagram Summer Blog Hop, I don't need to think twice. I love taking pictures of my baby girl with Instagram and sometimes sneak of my project. If you don't already install this fabulous app, you should do it now. You will love it for sure :)

So what's a blog hop without a giveaway right? I am going to give away a mini book kit which I put together specially just for you. It's my first time and I had so much making them. Hope the winner will love it too. The size of the mini is 4.5"x6"....just perfect for your instagram pictures or use it for your Project Life. You can add more pages as you progress.

I include some of my handmade embellishments into the kit such as the fabric flower and velvet bow. The flower is made of fabric paper by Amy Tangerine. Love :) Flair badges and washi tape are in trend right now so I had to include them too. 

I always have a penchant for beautiful packaging and when I have the opportunity to create one, I jumped at it (

All wrapped up and ready to ship when I select the winner after the hop.

You must be wondering how to play along, right? Very simple. All you need to do is be a follower and leave a comment here. The hop starts on 14th June and ends on 17th June. Go on and visit all the particpated links below for a greater chance to win. And don't forget to spread the words around. 


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Happy Hopping!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Together ♥

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you have so many thoughts to share but just don't know which to share first? It happened to me all the time! I have a lot to write about but as my fingers touch the keyboard, my mind just went blank. As blank as a piece of white paper. Or when I wrote halfway, it hit a road block. Does it ever happen to you? Probably I'm not an essay kinda person. I know some people can write beautifully and I was truly inspired by them. But when it's my turn to write....disaster strike. I know I can't be like those people and I have to find a way that works for me. So, instead of an essay kinda post, I decided to write in  point form. That's it! I found the perfect way to do it and I will do it with :)

 I fell head over heels in love with washi tape! Don't be surprise if you see washi tape on every of my project. Can't blame me....they are too pretty to just let them sit in the drawer 
 I love my new heart punches by EK Success
 *GASP* I am out of twine!!!
 I need to change my wardrobe! It's too dull. Seriously! I used to think that black, brown and grey are cool....they are still cool mind you but I think a splash of yellow, green or maybe pink isn't that bad 
 We are bringing Abby on a trip next week. Woohoo! Who knows....we might meet up with this talented friend if time permits
 Something fun and hoppy is coming up next week. Stay tuned and you sure won't want to miss it
THANK YOU for making this blog feeling "alive" with your lovely comments!