Thursday, June 7, 2012

Together ♥

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you have so many thoughts to share but just don't know which to share first? It happened to me all the time! I have a lot to write about but as my fingers touch the keyboard, my mind just went blank. As blank as a piece of white paper. Or when I wrote halfway, it hit a road block. Does it ever happen to you? Probably I'm not an essay kinda person. I know some people can write beautifully and I was truly inspired by them. But when it's my turn to write....disaster strike. I know I can't be like those people and I have to find a way that works for me. So, instead of an essay kinda post, I decided to write in  point form. That's it! I found the perfect way to do it and I will do it with :)

 I fell head over heels in love with washi tape! Don't be surprise if you see washi tape on every of my project. Can't blame me....they are too pretty to just let them sit in the drawer 
 I love my new heart punches by EK Success
 *GASP* I am out of twine!!!
 I need to change my wardrobe! It's too dull. Seriously! I used to think that black, brown and grey are cool....they are still cool mind you but I think a splash of yellow, green or maybe pink isn't that bad 
 We are bringing Abby on a trip next week. Woohoo! Who knows....we might meet up with this talented friend if time permits
 Something fun and hoppy is coming up next week. Stay tuned and you sure won't want to miss it
THANK YOU for making this blog feeling "alive" with your lovely comments! 



  1. the card is just adorable! love all the details!

    and I love your posts! don't tell us you're bad at writing =))

  2. Such a fun post Cindy...and I ADORE your sweet card!

  3. I love the colour combi on your card and the washi tapes are too lovely! I have writer's block too... The same thing happens to me when I blog... Hehehehehe he.... You are not alone :D

  4. I love your sweet card Cindy!... hugs...xoxo

  5. What a fun and colorful card. Love it, Cindy!!
    And ... totally understand how you're feeling :)

  6. Beautiful card. Keep it coming Cindy dearest. You inspire me!

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