Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Little Angel ♥

Abby turned four months this week and too see how much she has progressed just amazed me. I took pictures of her almost everyday mostly with my camera phone (ohhh....what would I do without my camera I'm certainly not good at taking pictures with my chuncky DSLR camera and am still learning about angles, lightning and stuff. So a camera phone + Instagram is a quick fix to my problem. These were taken when she was 15th weeks. The headband was a gift from a friend and I adorned it with a crocheted flower by Maya Road. 

What's new @ 18th weeks:
- woke up at least three times every night (she used to wake up only once or twice)
- loves to suck her fingers
- she's learning to grab her leg and moved it towards her face.....soon they will reach for her mouth for sure
- she's very active and very loud too
- she gets distracted easily while nursing....often turned her head away and stretched out her body like a small
- she's starting to recognized us and become much more aware of strangers......her face will turn serious as if she's studying them
- she always look down or at the side when sitting upright

Love this baby to bits! Hubby is coming home soon.....he misses his baby girl so much. Can't wait to see how Abby communicates with her papa :)



  1. cute baby, sounds like you are having fun with baby!

    C :)

  2. She's just so gorgeous, Cindy!! Enjoy all those little (and bigger) things of her very young life!
    Cute headband too :)

  3. Shes darling Cindy...Blessed! Hugs..xoxo

  4. Awwww....she's sooooo cute! I'm sure you are enjoying dolling her up! :)