Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Christmas Cards for 2009

Yes, I am back with another post! I made these for the Smidapaper class earlier but yet to share them with you. So here they are....

A window card using the HA Japanese doll. Do you like the stripey clothes and the hat on the doll? What I did was I stamped the image on a pattern paper, fussy cut and paper pieced them. Easy peasy! It reminded me of the paper doll that I used to play when I was younger :)

More Cosmo Cricket goodness :) My favourite Jolly by Golly paper. Can you see the glitter on the berries? It look better in real life though.

Ok...this is my last post for year 2009. I shall see you next year.....teehee!


Hello ladies! I am finally back to my normal self although the medication does make me feel a little dizzy. But otherwise I am just fine. I did the scope on Tuesday morning and the photo indicate that I had some infection in my stomach. But the doctor can only confirm it when the report is out maybe next week. So meanwhile, I was given some medication to soothe my stomach. What a way to end my 2009, huh :)

Guess what I saw in my mail last week??


and THIS!

All these were from Evelin. She sent this for my sweet! Look at those delish ribbons.....I heart them!! The colors are sooo sweet. She even inlcluded a packet of yummy buttons but I forgot to take pic of them....bummer. They are very delish too! lol. Thanks Sweetie!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello ladies! I'm sorry for being so quiet these past few days. And I would like to take a moment to wish all of you 'MERRY CHRISTMAS'!

I was pretty tied up last week that I did not have time to online. Please forgive me if I don't visit your blog that often. I will once everything's back to normal. Right now, I've been feeling unwell and I'm scheduled to do a stomach scope tomorrow morning. Ill be staying a night at the hospital and hopefully by tomorrow we will know the cause of my stomach problem.

Alright, I'll leave you with a card I made last week for the LCOM challenge. This is my last Christmas card for year 2009 :)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Christmas stuff to share...........

Good morning ladies!

Christmas is just two days away and I'm almost done with my shopping list. Yesterday, I stayed up until past midnight to make these litte gift bags for friends and colleagues. Inside each of this little bag are M&M's chocolate...very colorful :)

Papers are from various brands...there are Cosmo Cricket Mini Deck, October Afternoon and Making Memories. My top three favourite brands :)

I saw these snowflakes ornament at a store earlier and I thought it would be cute to use on my cards or gift bags, so I bought them right away. Have no regrets :)

Ain't that holly leaves and snowman cute?? It's from my PTI holiday button bits stamp set.

My first attempt in making this Chocolate box/package (call it whatever you want). I kinda like how it turn out. I can see my self making more of this in the future :) Valentine's maybe....

Alrighty....that's all I have for you today! Enjoy whatever you are doing and happy shopping!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Still no news........

.........of Ares after he had gone missing on Sunday :( But the love and support that you ladies showed me are more than enough to keep me going even at times like this! Words are not enough to describe how THANKFUL I am for having great buddies like you all. THANK YOU!

When we learned that Ares was missing yesterday, we went on a frantic search for him but to no avail. I was so sad that I could no longer hold my tears and burst out in my room. Hubby was constantly at my side trying his best to comfort me. At last I regained my composure and went to my craft room and started to create. That's the only way I can get keep Ares out of my least for awhile.

Another set of gift tags that I made using the Holiday Button Bits stamp set. I ran out of red buttons so I subsituted them with the circle ornaments from the Tree Trimming Trio set. Then I dot in the middle with Sakura gell pen.

This bag was made using the Around Town Tote template. Inside the bag was a baby-tee for my bestie.

Side view...

Thanks for stopping by and please forgive my sombre mood.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today, at around 10:30am I lost my my beloved dog Ares. We were having breakfast outside when we received a call from my FIL that Ares had gone missing from our house. Well, this is not the first time he ran out from the house and usually we'll find him within a few units of apartment from ours. But this time he had gone too far. Our security guard told us that he saw Ares running around and chased a passing motor vehicle before being taken away. I was so angry at the guard. Why can't he keep Ares at his guard post until we return and claim him?? Why he let the man took Ares away?? But then I can't put the blame on him. We can blame no one but ourselves. If I took extra precaution like guarding the door, he won't escape that easily. Ares is a two year old mini Maltese and is extremely playful. That explains why he chased the vehicle....because he wanted to play. He doesn't bite and love being carry by people. That makes him even easier to be taken by someone else. The thought of him made me cry endlessly. And the sight of his cage is just painful. I just pray and hope that I will find him soon.

Friday, December 18, 2009

More Christmas Tags

Happy Friday ladies!

Just a quick pop in to share some Christmas tags I made two days ago.

Other than for gifts, this tag also serves as my wish list that I hanged on our Christmas tree. It's sort of a Christmas game that we played every year. Hmm...what should I wish for?????

Got to run ladies! Am busy with our annual dinner preparation tonight at Hard Rock Hotel. We called it the 'Pyjamas Night'. Yeah....can you imagine me running around the hotel in pj' I certainly hope the guests will not think of me as crazy :) Tata!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tag

This week's challenge over at LCOM was to re-use something that you got in the mail, out and about during your christmas shopping, etc and incorporate it into your Christmas card! Thanks for the great challenge, Mel!

Instead of a card, I whip out a tag using the Starbucks coffee sleeve that I'd been saving for weeks. I cover it with MM paper and added some die cuts. Super fast tag in 10 mins. It is now hanged on the Christmas tree in my office. If you look closely to the gold ornament on the left, you'll see my silhoutte.

Thanks for your lovely comment!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Gift Bag

Hello ladies!

I slept way too late yesterday, around two in the morning. I've been reading. If you read my post yesterday you won't have to guess what book already. Yes, it's Twilight. I just cannot bear put the book down...someone please slap me in the face and tell me that I should go to bed early....PLEASE! lol ;p I also learned that Evelin (my blog friend) also been reading the same book. Sweetie, are you that obssessed with the book?? I know I am :)

Ok, besides being obssessed with Twilight (only the book, not the movie though)...I know Christmas is just a week away and this is what I made yesterday.

Inside these gift bags are cookies made by Ann (SIL). It's Chocolate Oatmeal with raisin....phew long name.
I am going to put these on sale and if they don't my friends who are reading this (you know who you are)....'I hope you don't mind to be the owner of these adorable gift bag' ;p They are so going to 'kill' me :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Twilight Craze!

I am currently reading this...

and this.....

You would wonder how in the world could I read two books at a time. Well, the story went like this. I used to rent books from a book store in town when I was in my teenage years. I stopped since I came out to work and I missed those times terribly. So two weeks ago I decided to make a trip to that book store and see if I can find any book that would keep me interested for a least. And guess what...I found New Moon! A lot of my friends including the media have commented that New Moon kinda flop although they made a hit in the box office. So I woved not to watch the movie but to read the book instead. Only after two or three pages into the book that I was completely hooked. The more I read, the more I find myself asking questions about Twilight. I have never watch that movie but hubby got the DVD. So I spent my Friday night watching Twilight and guess what?? I....ummm...ermmm....kinda like Edward. I could not decide if I like Edward Cullen more or Robert So the next crazy thing I did after watching the Twilight movie was I went to get myself the book. And now I am completely and utterly in love with Twilight saga :) Anyone wanna join me?? lol ;p

Enough about Twilight......I don't want to bore you. I have one more Christmas card to share with you today. Ain't that snowman cute? It's from my PTI stamp set.

Christmas is only eleven days away....have you finished with your Christmas shopping or card making? If not, don't fret because I am on the same boat as you :)

Enjoy your day!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pre-birthday celebration with my gals

Happy Friday ladies!!

I took a day off from work yesterday and this is what greeted me when I reached my office this morning. I just love my gals!

Pressie from my bestie, Hui Fang. The bag contained a bath set from L'Occitane. Is it me or does the bag resemble some Basic Grey paper??

Pressie from my partners in crime, Yee Lin and Cheu ;p The card is made by Yee sweet of her!

Card from Jane, another fellow cardmaker. Isn't her card beautiful?? Love the Japanese doll by HA :)

Lunch with the gals at iCanton (from left Yee Lin, Me, Ann aka my SIL and Cheu Ping. Missing in action is Jane and Hui Fang)

My lunch....BBQ pork with rice...yummylicious!

The cake that Yee Lin bought (it's a surprise!)....Butter Scotch Pecan....very tasty!

Thanks for the wonderful lunch and presents sweeties!! Love you gals! You made my special day even more special! Hugs to you all!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holly Jolly Christmas

 is a crazy week here! I  have been very busy with work as well as my Christmas cards order. And I look like a zombie with very dark circles underneath my eyes. I even took a day off today to go to the hospital with my dad for his appointment. He suffered a heart attack early last year and was under medication. The doc said although his condition was under control due to the medication but this is not a long term solution. So, today we decided that my dad should go for an operation early next year...most probably in March.

Anyways, I have card to share with you. I made these last weekend and they were already sold out. I'm really happy to say that I've sold 31 Christmas cards thus far. Too all my 'customers' who are reading this, a big THANK YOU goes to you all! Thanks for your business and support!

psst...I am going to celebrate my 18th...oppss I mean 28th birthday on Sat :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

R = Robot

Happy Tuesday ladies! Thanks for all the sweet comments on my Christmas cards.....I feel so loved! You ladies really know how to spoil me :)

This week is my first DT challenge over at Let's Capture Our Memories. Rusha challenged us to create boys only card and here's what I did:

I made this card for a colleague who ordered a birthday card for a three year old boy. What a perfect timing! It took me almost three hours to complete the card! Yeah..can you believe it?? Three freaking hours! But it's worth the time and effort because she loves the card.

Come join us at LCOM....I would love to see your creations! Happy Crafting!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cards.....and more Christmas Cards!

Good morning ladies! Today is a super busy day for me so I am going to make this really short. I was quite productive over the weekend as I created eleven cards already...woohoo! These are three of out the five design I created.

I made this glove card last year and it was a hit....I sold about eleven cards. I totally changed the design to make it look different from last year and also added a bell. I just love the sound of the bell :)

This was also another hit last year.
ETA: I just saw a new challenge by Cath at MFW and thought I should enter this card for the 'All Creatures Great & Small Challenge'.

I saw the buttons snowman on Martha Stewart site and immediately draw inspiration from it. I used the polka dots basic II from PTI to create the background.

Thanks for coming here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creative Card Crew Challenge

It's me again! Two posts in a's that?? :)

I stumbled upon this challenge blog called "Creative Card Crew" and since their challenge for this week is  Christmas, I thought I would join in the fun since I have a few Christmas cards up on my sleeve :)

I am seriously getting old....I cannot even remember which manufacturer this paper is from though my guess would be Cosmo Cricket. Can you believe I just bought this paper last Saturday and yet I cannot remember the brand??.....bummer ;p The stamp is from PTI....lovin' it!
ETA: The paper is from Basic Grey :)

Thanks for your sweet comments!!

Christmas Ornament Card

Hey ladies!

Today's card was made using the October Afternoon paper that I had for months. Don't you just love the pink text and the white snowflake prints? Delish! It is double sided and comes with coordinating pink polka dots. More delish! The cardstock is by Coredinations which I also had it in my stash for months.

I am into ornament card this year and this one looks similar to the ornament card I've made's fun!

Now is it me or do you think that the ornaments look like strawberries? Seriously, they almost look like they can eat, lol :)

I started my Christmas card sale earlier this week and I'm happy to say that I sold 17 cards already....woot! woot! I hope this year sale will exceed last year where I sold 25 cards :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Merry & Bright

Good morning ladies!

Can you believe how fast time is passing by?? Christmas is just 25 days away! So much to do yet so little time. My top list of things to do is to put up the Chistmas tree. Have you put up yours?

I am now in Christmas mode so please bear with me and don't get sick of my Christmas cards :) The stamped image is from PTI Take A bough stamp set and the paper is from OA. I layered the ornaments with glossy accent...but you can't really see it in the picture.

Thanks for coming here! Have a great Monday!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Cardmaking Class at Smidapaper

Happy Sunday ladies!

It's been a crazy week over here! I'm having lots of late night sleeps, then cousin's visit from Singapore and rushing to get my Christmas cards done. Phew! A day just isn't enough for me. I'm sorry if you don't see me comment on your blog that often. Not that I forget you but because of my crazy schedule. I hope things will get back to normal again :)

Sheila told me that she's going to schedule my upcoming class at her store on Dec 10th. Since Christmas is just around the corner and making Christmas cards would be right theme for this class. If you are living in Penang and are interested to join in the fun, go here for more details.

Have a fun day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm so HAPPY!

Morning ladies! Happy Thanksgiving to ya!!

I have a happy news that I want to share with you. Last month, I gotten to know this sweet gal, Jessy, who is also from Malaysia while I was blog hopping. Since then, I'm a regular to her blog. And one day, she posted about a DT call at Let's Capture Our Memories. I was excited about it and submitted my application. Yesterday,  I received an email from Darlene that I was choosen to be part of their team!! I'm looking forward to work with these talented women! Oh friend Tina is also in the team...hooray!