Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hello ladies! I am finally back to my normal self although the medication does make me feel a little dizzy. But otherwise I am just fine. I did the scope on Tuesday morning and the photo indicate that I had some infection in my stomach. But the doctor can only confirm it when the report is out maybe next week. So meanwhile, I was given some medication to soothe my stomach. What a way to end my 2009, huh :)

Guess what I saw in my mail last week??


and THIS!

All these were from Evelin. She sent this for my sweet! Look at those delish ribbons.....I heart them!! The colors are sooo sweet. She even inlcluded a packet of yummy buttons but I forgot to take pic of them....bummer. They are very delish too! lol. Thanks Sweetie!


  1. Cindy, hope you feel better, tummy aches are not fun at all! How fun for a friends to send you goodies!

    Clouds :D

  2. Awww...definitely nice to receive a beauty of a card and goodies from a friend!! Really hope the stomach pains heal up soon, you poor thing, what a nasty way to end the year, but I wish you all the best for 2010!! May it bring you a wealth of happiness!

  3. Oh I love happy mail! Looks like you've got yourself some really cool stuff to play with! Get better soon...happy 2010!

  4. Glad you liked them, sweetie :) Get well soon and hope to see you in KL next week :D