Monday, December 14, 2009

Twilight Craze!

I am currently reading this...

and this.....

You would wonder how in the world could I read two books at a time. Well, the story went like this. I used to rent books from a book store in town when I was in my teenage years. I stopped since I came out to work and I missed those times terribly. So two weeks ago I decided to make a trip to that book store and see if I can find any book that would keep me interested for a least. And guess what...I found New Moon! A lot of my friends including the media have commented that New Moon kinda flop although they made a hit in the box office. So I woved not to watch the movie but to read the book instead. Only after two or three pages into the book that I was completely hooked. The more I read, the more I find myself asking questions about Twilight. I have never watch that movie but hubby got the DVD. So I spent my Friday night watching Twilight and guess what?? I....ummm...ermmm....kinda like Edward. I could not decide if I like Edward Cullen more or Robert So the next crazy thing I did after watching the Twilight movie was I went to get myself the book. And now I am completely and utterly in love with Twilight saga :) Anyone wanna join me?? lol ;p

Enough about Twilight......I don't want to bore you. I have one more Christmas card to share with you today. Ain't that snowman cute? It's from my PTI stamp set.

Christmas is only eleven days away....have you finished with your Christmas shopping or card making? If not, don't fret because I am on the same boat as you :)

Enjoy your day!


  1. Well I am not reading the books but watched both. I have to say that I am in Team Edward!! He looks pale but still charming :) I love that cute button snowman!!

  2. Cindy, cute cards! They are cheery, I have that PTI set and after I got it I didn't like it so much, lol. About Twilight saga, well I read all the books b4 I saw the first movie, I got hooked because I saw the first one- Twilight at a CostCo for real cheap. Then I got hooked and read the rest. I HATE the movies though, I feel the first one was so boring and not to mention the actors they chose have no acting talent what so ever (I fell asleep on the first movie) So, with that said ;o) I just cherish the books instead, no movies for me! hehe. so glad you found a great read!

    Clouds :D

  3. Babe, guess what? I'm currently reading Twilight too!! :) After only recently watching the movie...LOL... we're both late bloomers, aren't we? :P

    I have just started though... Hope to move on to New Moon soon :)

    Love your cards by the way :) Cute snowman.

  4. Glad you hv a great read about the book....
    I like your simple snowman card....wonderful....

  5. LOVE the cards!! You know, I've been telling people I really want that Holiday Bits set but haven't gotten it yet, maybe I should and use it next't had a chance to check out Twilight although it is so popular right now!

  6. stinkin' cute are your cards??!!! Did you glitter up the buttons?? I didn't even think of that glittery ribbon or did you use sticky tape and dump glitter on it?

  7. Ohhhh no!!!! You got bit! :P My friend said I need to go read it but another friend who has similar flavor in reading said she had to put it down. I think I'll wait. I have other books I want to read :) Have fun and love your cards!!!! Love the glitters!