Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's fun when you have something to post.......

  • Today's post title is the longest in my blog history, lol :)
  • As you can see, I am still experimenting with my camera. Still can't find the perfect lightning so I had to turn to Photoshop to make it look okay but still not very happy with it. 
  • Coffee is a must to perk me up in the morning.
  • Been spending too much money on crafting and buy more than I need. But every time I see pretty stuff especially new arrivals, I can't resist buying them. I need help! 
  • Still trying to post regularly.
  • I must have late night snack every day and I am not talking about bread, cookies or chips. Yesterday, I had instant noodle and bacon. And the night before I had fish & chips. Yeah, no kidding! Josie said I must have a big fat worm in my stomach. Gross!
  • I broke out my newly bought Portrait paper and buttons by Crate Paper. The buttons are so pretty and honestly I am reluctant to use them. But then I hoard enough buttons and I am letting this go. 
  • Yes, I hand stitched on the card. And no, I am not giving this card :p


  1. lol!! that was such a fun read gurl!! :) i need help with my spending too!!! serious help!!! lol!! lovely card! I love the colours! something i've never experimented b4! tfs! it's gorgeous!! no wonder ur not giving it away lol!! :)

  2. Hi Cindy! That was fun reading! I think I need to join your Spendaholics Anonymous club, too....Beautiful card, especially the hand stitching! Hope you are well!

  3. WOW!!! love the patterned papers & the buttons~~!! so pretty !!!

  4. Babe..u hv such big appetite. hw i wish i can eat like u! Lolz.
    Too bad u're not giving tis card away. Tot of adding this card to my museum. :P Have a nice weekend....huggggsssss

  5. LOL.... I need help with my spending too!!! I'm spending way more than I need as well... HAHA... common problem I see? :P

    I have a big fat worm in my tummy too... I love late night snacks as well :P

  6. Lovely handiwork dear.. love your stitching and bold colours.. love all the individual elements :)

    Oooo.. I hv been trying to control spending too... lol and wished I had a stomach like u :D


  7. Pretty!!! I heart the PP...simply gorgeous...hugs...xoxo

  8. This is so pretty Cindy! :) Love the button action!

  9. Gorgeous,gorgeous card. Love it very much.

    I made a card with that paper too.


  10. You are too cute Cindy! I LOVE this card! The stitching is such a great accent and this paper is seriously calling my name!

  11. Absolutely wonderful! You are doing great with your new camera, looks perfect to me! I am the same, spending way too much and not using enough! What is up with that? I just got some more Crate Papers, haven't gotten the buttons, but now I see how cute they are...swoon!

  12. hi, Cindy!!! oh how long time no see!! :)) did you know your cards became better and better???!! just stunning, love your blog! and love your scrap layout too, you're so beautiful!