Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blog or no blog? Blog that is!

Do people still read blog these days? The blogging community of today is so much different from back when I first started. Back then there were no Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter nor Instagram and blogs are the only places people seek for inspiration. Sadly, the scene had changed when social media sprouted in the recent years and the blogging community took a plunge. One can be very active in Pinterest or Instragram but hardly ever update her post....and that's me.

I'm such a big fan of Pinterest and with just a few clicks on the mouse, I can find anything and everything under one roof. And with Instagram/Facebook, I am immediately connected with friends all over the world. And so the time spend on my blog or on other blogger's blog has becoming lesser and lesser. I felt guilty whenever someone leaves me a comment and I haven't done back the same to them. I am deliberating almost everyday if I should continue blogging. Is it worth my time at all? It took me a long time to figure out the future of this blog or the direction it's heading and I've finally had it figure out, only yesterday.

Decision has been made and I've decided to continue to blog for as long as possible. It may not be all about cardmaking/scrapbooking anymore as I want this blog to be as personal as it can be. I hope to be close to my reader (if any) and make them feel as if they know me in real life. So expect to see me in the blogging world for many years to come :)

If you are still reading this, thanks for making it this far! It feels like something heavy is lifted off my chest and it makes me happy! xoxo

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  1. blog. definitely blog. :) Those pins have to lead back somewhere and I love leaving love where I can on blogs...x

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words, Leanne! You've definitely make my day!

  2. Definitely blog on!!! Its a good outlet to express and share.... Don't worry about not able to visit .... coz you sure do can ...when time permits!.... I love your work and creations! Very inspiring indeed... hugs...xx

  3. So glad you decided to keep going! I love seeing all your beautiful creations. I'm mostly a lurker but I'd miss your blog if it went away!

  4. I totally know what you mean! Instagram and the like are so convenient and certainly takes tolls on the blogging community. The thing is, you can always transfer and host your blog somewhere else. You own the content here but what about the social platforms? If they decide to close down IG tomorrow it's all gone. At least that is the conclusion I drew in the past. Happy you decided to keep the blog and keep sharing as your time permits!
    PS: Congrats on your pregnancy!! :))

  5. Yeay! Blog on babe... ;) I hv 3 blogs and it drives me crazy... Lol. But all in gd fun.

  6. Can't wait for your new blogging journey ;)