Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wrap Up: Painted Stripes

June proves to be a productive month for me and I love when this busy mama found some time to create...even if it's a short while. A good friend of mine gave birth to her second child and I know she loves packaging as much as I do. Ever since I started cardmaking way back in 2008, I haven't bought a single sheet of wrapping paper. I much rather create my own packaging and make the recipient feel extra special. Inspired by the sea foam acrylic paint I had for a while, I decided to create painted stripes on the kraft paper. Before I start painting, I took out my washi tape and simply tape on the kraft surface to act like a mask leaving 0.8" space in between. Then I apply a thin layer of acrylic paint on the entire surface, making sure that each painted stripes are even. Then I slowly peel off the washi tape to reveal the unpainted area. Tada.....a personalized package done under 30minutes. I hope you enjoy this! I'm planning to make a series of gift wrapping ideas on this blog. What you think?



  1. soooo cute! and simple!!! Love it..x

  2. Oh, this looks fabulous, Cindy Lee! I love it!
    Now I want that paint....

  3. Wow! I feel so inspired to use my paints now. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea. Cant wait to wrap my next present with this. (:

  4. Simple and yet so beautiful!!! I love it... hugs...x

  5. this is too cute! you rock kraft colours!