Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CARDS May 2013 issue

Hello! It's been a while since I've shared my published cards here and honestly I've almost forgotten about it. I have not been very active in making cards as I used to be and I hope one day I shall get back into the groove. So right now I only have these to share which some of you might have already seen it before I removed it from the blog.

You may not know but these cards had gone through some issues before they were published. Originally these cards were accepted for the Cards January issue but somehow they weren't collected from the post office. I had a shock when Paige emailed to tell me that my cards were never arrive in their office. Luckily I sent them with a tracking number and a quick check showed that a notice was already left in their office and obviously no one has pick them up. Then I sent Paige an email with the tracking status and true enough they found the notice in their office. I was a bit upset that my cards were left in the post office for months and that I already missed the publication. However, Paige was apologetic and was kind enough to publish my cards in their May 2013 issue.


  1. These are beautiful Cindy!.... Congrats on your Pub Stint!!!! Hope you are doing well with your pregnancy!... hugs...x

  2. These are gorgeous! Congrats on being published!

    P/s: At least they didn't get lost...they lost one of my cards which was never got sent back to me. :(

  3. These cards are gorgeous. Wasted if it din make it to the prints... ;) lucky all is sorted out now!