Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jillibean Soup: I Believe In Good Friends Forever

This layout was up on the Jillibean Soup blog last week and it's by far my favorite. I used a lot of Irish Farmhouse collection and I LOVE it so much! When I saw these paper, the vintage side of me immediately took over and I created the layout above. I started by randomly spray my background paper with white mist using a polka dot mask. Then I painted the top left with white acrylic paint and I realized I don't have talent in painting at all because it looked horrible. Fortunately, I get to cover my mistake by layering several pattern paper on it and love how the white paint sneak out from behind. I hope you read the title as good friends forever and not good friends Forever is a long word so I cut it short with an apostrophe. Hope you like it too!



  1. Love your banner style layouts and cards, Cindy! The subtle texture from the mask looks fab, too. I've just realized I only answered your question in reply to your comment - I currently use one of the old Canon Rebel (400D) cameras but looking into a major upgrade soon :) Did you buy a camera in the meantime or are you still looking, too?

  2. lovely layout Cindy! I love how you built your layers from the photo. What a nice homely photo too!

  3. Girl, this is awesome. Love love love the layering. Just so fabulous. Might have to lift it!!! ;)

  4. I believe the same too... at any rate ... I'd rather have 3 good/close friends.... rather than 200 friends..[i supposed you understand what I meant!]

    Of course I love your layout!! Its beautiful!!!.... F"ever ..Brilliant!!!...

    have a great week ahead ... hugs...x

  5. This is gorgeous, Cindy Lee! I love the colours and the design!

  6. enjoy this layout so much love every single details in this layout cindy