Monday, March 30, 2009

Farewell Card

How's it going, peeps? I had a rough day today and what's worst was I only get 4 hours of sleep yesterday! I pretty much looked like zombie now. Sigh! Oh well, let's talk about cards! Last week, I was asked to create a farewell card for a colleague who's leaving the company next month. And here's what I did:

I bought a crackle paint by Tim Holtz last month and haven't got the chance to use it until yesterday. Oh boy, it was fun to use! I enjoy seeing the cracks appeared as the paint dried up. I'm gonna buy a few more bottles of this crackle paint.

The inside of the card. Since a lot of people going to sign on it, I thought an accordion is just perfect.

See the effect of the crackle paint? Before the paint dries up, I sprinkle some glitter dust from Hero Arts. I just love the overall effect :)


  1. Wow, love the accordian inside! I have never heard of crackle paint before- what a cool effect! Great job on the card!

  2. This is so gorgeous!! The inside is such a good idea! thanks for stopping by my blog - I have had a lovely time looking through yours,
    Helen x

  3. Oooh, love those butterflies and flowers!

  4. Oh, so so pretty!!! I love the crackle effect. Yes, very nice! I have some but RARELY use them. Hmmmm, maybe I should. Oh wait, I have no idea where they are now :p

    The accordian is nice for a lot of signing.

    K... hope you got more sleep between your post and today. Mine's been rough too... more than 4 hrs but not quite 8 like I use to. Laters!!!

  5. I love this soooo much, can you learn me or tell me what u did to make this. what are the things i need to make exactly the same. And can i buy this one from you if this is to diffcult to make. I love your amazing beautifull talent of making such stunning and beautifull cards n_n

    My regards