Thursday, June 25, 2009

1st X'mas card for 2009

It's already Thursday and tomorrow it's Friday! Can you tell that I'm excited about it? First of all, I would to appologize to those who visit my blog but don't get to see any updates from me. It's not that I did not craft at all, just that I did not upload them yet. I enjoy making cards but I just dread on posting them. Sometimes I'll stare at the screen and my mind is blank. I just don't know what to write. There are times where I just feel like posting the photos and not having to write anything. But then, I drop the idea. This is not how a blog should be. An ideal blog would be one that's fun to read and full of inspirations. Mine is far from ideal but hopefully, one day I'm able to achieve that (well, maybe someday?)
I'm still deliberating on whether I should post more of my personal stuff or only cards. Maybe I'll just start with whatever pictures I have in my camera. No, wait! I don't have any pictures in my camera except...yeah, you guess it, cards! How pathetic, lol.

Anyway, I have one card to share today. I'm early with my X'mas cards this year. I went to buy more paper two days ago at Smidapaper. Sheila (the owner) is kind enough to wait for me at her beautiful store (it's actually her house). It's such a bliss to shop at her place!
What's wrong with me? First, I said I don't know what to write but now I can't seem to stop :) Ok, let's move on to my card. I have one card to share today. I'm early with X'mas card this year (a pat on the back for me,

I {heart} October Afternoon paper now :) I cut the X'mas tree from the newly bought October afternoon paper, then add some trim and secured it with brads, handstiched the borders, add a ribbon and 1st Xmas card in the year of 2009!

Thanks and have a wonderful day! It's almost Friday!


  1. This is such a sweet Christmas card! Love that stitching and the tree is darling!

  2. Oh, so cute! I love that tree! Way to go on starting the xmas cards already! ;)

  3. Cute cute cute!! I started my Christmas card last night. Got to get them ready before the holidays and I am slooooooow :)

  4. what cute christmas cards, I love them.