Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One day left.......

Hello friend! I'm sorry I've gone missing on you! We spent two days setting up the new store and I'm happy to say that it's starting to take shape. With only one day left before the opening, there's no time to waste. The stamps are already up on the display wall, punches, stickers, and ribbons too. Today will have fun unpacking the paper and doing Christmas decorations :) Here's a sneak of what we have in the store,

An array of acryclic paints. Seeing the beautiful colors on the shelves make me happy. Very happy.

Marker pen in assortment of colors. I called it the 'wheel of colors'.

Ok, I got to run. Stay tune for more updates on the new store. I will post more pictures in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, you may visit Smidapaper blog for more information.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. YIPEE!! :) all set for shopping day to come... :P

  2. Hahaha....HAve you been enjoying yourself while setting up babe? All z best yer...

  3. The place is lookin good :) *excited*

  4. Ooh, how fun and exciting, I always love seeing and 'smelling' the scent of a new store! It's refreshing, can't wait to see more pics!

  5. have a great time on this new journey, cindy!


  6. Looks pretty much bz..have a wonderful time to work on!