Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bali Trip - Part1

Hello friends! I finally sorted the photos we took during our recent holiday to Bali. We spent four wonderful days there and it was truly a memorable trip for us. As promised, here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

The beautiful view of Bali from thousands feet above.

Arriving at Ngurah Rai airport. While waiting for our transport, I can't help but to strike a pose :)

The first restaurant we visited was a French restaurant that was located in one of the back alley in Kuta. I remembered we were the only customer there and were served by a very friendly waiter that later became our friend. 

After dinner, we walked around Kuta and did our first shopping. Hubby is really great at bargaining and I bought two dresses from this shop at very cheap price :)

Nasi Padang (Balinese local food)

Breakfast by the pool.

This view was taken from a coffee plantation which was located on a hill top. It is one of our favorite place ever! Thanks to the local guide who brought us there.

This, my friend is the animal that make the world most expensive coffee out of its poo poo :)

Complimentary coffee and herbal tea.

Coffee Luwak, the world most expensive coffee.

Hubby with our local guide, Ketut.

A small packet of coffee Luwak cost us RM100 (about USD28). It truly is one of the most expensive coffee I've ever bought :)

Part 2 to be continued..........


  1. wow what a wonderful experiences. its looks so lovely there. and you and hubby look so cute and happy!
    thank you for sharing
    Hugs, Em Xx

    p.s I love coffee but don't think I could drink something made from poop!! haha! what is it like??

  2. Wow what great and beautiful pics!!! I would love to visit Bali!

  3. Wonderful photos, Cindy! Thanks for sharing! That coffee looks mighty interesting....

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos Cindy. Bali looks incredible - like paradise!
    I heard about that coffee but didn't think it was real :) I guess it was good since you purchased some!

  5. Awesome pictures Cindy! You two are so cute! I love the ocean view! It's gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful pics girlfriend. RM100 for a pack of coffeee???? and made from poop. LOL.

    More, more pics!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing with us .. a bit of your honeymoon :)
    Lovely photos of both of you :D

    hmm.. expensive coffee.. esp made of poop... hmm lol :)

    thanks for sharing :D

  8. lovely pics babe..thanks for sharing..and yess dresses at kuta are a steal..bought a few while i was there last week :)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos, Cindy! The 2 of you do look like you had a great time in Bali!

  10. Hey Cindy!

    It's been a while. Great to see your lovely pictures and updates again.


  11. Such sweet photos of you and your hubby!... Looks like great fun! Thank you for sharing~

  12. U did it gal! The most exxy coffee in the world! Civet coffee! Muahahaha...Hws the taste?

    Waiting for part 2 of ur bali trip! Hhahaha..after seeing your photos i feel like going there....

  13. Absolutely amazing photos, you are so super cute!! Love all the pics and looks like you had a wonderful time! Love it!

  14. Ooh, you went to my hood :P Actually I haven't been to Bali since high school? Gosh, who knows, either way a long long time. Would love to go again. Take the fam. Great photos and looked very relaxing. Cute photos of you two :)