Thursday, December 8, 2011

Food & Card

As my laptop completely died on me, I took out the hard disk and temporary use it as an external hard disk until my piggy bank is filled with enough coins to get myself new laptop (hello hubby......are you reading this??? Lol....) Luckily all the saved data are safely intact and as I browsed through my old cards the other day, I realized that I have a couple of cards that I have yet to share on my blog. So here goes. The Lost & Found collection by MME is my favorite collection ever!! No doubt. I just love everything about this collection. From the color to the design. Just everything! Are you on the same boat as me? I bet you are! :)

Lately I developed a passion for cooking. Yeah, no kidding. I enjoy cooking ever since I am pregnant and sad to admit that I lost interest in card making for a while. Not sure if it has anything to do with pregnancy hormones but I definitely cook a lot more frequent than I used to. I seldom take photos of the food I made....either too lazy or too hungry to bother. But yesterday I was in the mood to snap some photos so let me share with you what I had for breakfast and dinner. For spinach omelette & tuna cheese croissant. For dinner.....spicy olio with roast vegetables, bacon & smoked sausages. As a spicy olio fan, I had spent a lot of time perfecting my recipe and I am proud to say that I succeeded yesterday (can you see I am grinning from ear to ear).


  1. LOVE the card and woo hoo on the cooking..must be a nesting thing, eh?

  2. YUM YUM YUM!!! Besides the food!!! I love your card... its so pretty... Hey DH ..Did you hear her "shouting"... coz I do... he he..yeah me too I heart MME... hugs..xoxo

  3. Gorgeous card.. Love to see your cards creation...
    ah.. Love your fabbie cooking too .. looks yummylicious :D

  4. So lovely to see you posting such a sweet card, Cindy! I love your style!
    Ooh and I love your cooking too - scrummy!

  5. Ooh good to see a beautiful card from you! Lovely flowers! And, yes, MME still makes fabulous pp and embellies! Your food pics looks so good, I'm hungry now and need to go eat!

  6. Such a sweet the layers and pretty details!

    Cooking sounds like a great hobby especially since you get to savour the food. yummy!

  7. Oh I just loooove your cards Cindy! So so gorgeous! YUMMY food, my word I could just take a bite! Hope you are feeling well, take care my friend!

  8. yes, I know that lost in interest cardmaking is due to baby's no interest hahahah...
    nvm, you can come back again for more..
    anyway, still love to see your cards..