Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013!

I found this quote on Pinterest and it kinda hit me in the face. In the past few months I've had a hard time juggling between work, family and hobby. Work especially stressed me out and it took a toll on the creative department. Not to mention that time for creating is limited too when you have an active 11 months old baby demanding for your attention. The problem is, a lot of ideas are brewing inside my head and I desperately wanting to put all of them into action. It is overwhelming and frustrating.....and I ended up doing nothing. So this year I am telling myself to take it slow and don't rush things. I do have a few goals that I hope to achieve and will see what 2013 brings. One step at a time :)

What about you? Have you make any resolution this year? Or are you like me keeping things simple? I'd love to hear from you.....


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  1. Overwhelming is the right word! I'm in the same boat and don't even have a toddler running around. I have not made resolutions so far. I read a fun article where they recommend to just "dream" in January and make resolutions beginning February and that sounds good to me. Anyway, here's to the new year. Let's make things happen, okay? :)