Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cupcake from my SIL

Happy Wednesday, yo! I have something to share with you today. No, this time it's not about my cards. Ann (my SIL) just recently got her 1st cup cake order from a co-worker. No doubt, she was very anxious and excited about it. She even told me that she can't (can't blame her).

However, she'd done a very good job as a first timer I would say. Well, I don't usually compliment her cakes but this time I do :) She created 24 cupcakes with different animal/small creature topper on it. They are so cute! She even created butterflies. I do not have a picture of the whole cupcakes but I do have two pictures to show you (she's kind enough to keep 4 for me)

The bettle cupcake

The teddy bear cupcake

Oh yeah, I went to collect the stuff from Sheila (owner of SmidaPaper) yesterday. They are so fabulous and can't wait to get started! Stay tune!


  1. oh yum with a capital Y.U.M!

    hugs & so much love!

  2. They are so pretty. Wish I could see some more.
    Or eat some, hihi.