Monday, April 16, 2012

You Are My Little Lady

When I was pregnant, I took a long break from crafting and most of my creative acts were put on hold but now I jumped back on the band wagon. It felt so good to create again! So here's a first simple layout I did of my daughter. She was 10 weeks old when this picture was taken and now she's almost 12 weeks old. Time flown and it feels just like it was only yesterday that we took her back from the hospital. When I look at this picture, she has grown so much and so fast. She smiles a lot these days and it just melts my heart! What a darling she is! I want the picture to be the main focus so I kept the design simple and embellishments to minimal.

Stay tuned as I'm working on another layout :)



  1. Abby is the most adorable baby everything about my lil niece...xoxo

    Cindy, nice layout!
    Hope to see more of your creations...

    - Ann Ann

  2. LOVELY layout! I just love all the cute little details..and your baby girl is so beautiful!

  3. Awww...she is adorable! I love the pops of red on your layout and the little clothespins! :)

    I'm sure you'll be doing lots more layouts of your darling Abigail! :)

  4. Yes, so adorable..keep up with many layouts!

  5. Oh my darling....she is adorable! This layout is so beautiful!!!... I love the pops of red on your layout....Awesome...
    Like any new mom.... I'm pretty sure...more to come...hugs...xoxo

  6. this LO is just perfect for your perfect little lady. Gorgeous pops of colors :D

  7. This layout is adorable and congrats on making the short list at the Nook!

  8. That is such a beautiful layout! Love the square of hearts!!