Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kazan's Sketch 14

'Humpty dumpty sat on the wall.......humpty dumpty had a great fall'. And I was that humpty dumpty yesterday! It was raining heavily and the road was slippery. I lost grip and fell right on my bum bum. Though it acts like a cushion but still the impact hurts my back and I also cut and scratched my hand during the fall. And what embarrassed me most was I fell right in front of a big crowd. Oh dear! I quickly got up on my feet and just walked away without even turning to look. Only when I reached home that I realized how much it hurts :(

Ok...let's move on to my card. I created this card based on Kazan's sketch. It's a birthday card for a good friend of mine who is currently in the US. Hope she likes it. I used quite a few stamps for this card....the swirls, the flowers, the leaves, the stems and of course the butterfly.

Thanks for looking and hope you are having a great day. I hope my bum bum will recover :)


  1. What a beautiful card, and such a gorgeous bow!! Fabulous take on Kazan's sketch! Sorr to hear about your fall :(

  2. Your card is so pretty Cindy - love the purples and the flowers. Take care of yourself -no more accidents ok :)

  3. What a fabulous combination of colors and images ... love the dimension.

  4. Why is it always where someone can see you that things like that happen! Glad you're OK though. LOVE your card! So whimsical and pretty!

  5. stunning! i love the dimension! beautiful

  6. What a serene, beautiful card!! Love your take on Kazan's sketch!


  7. You poor thing, falling on your bumbum. Hope it's less sore now.
    Love your card. Great detail.