Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Cosmo Cricket goodness

I'm so loving Cosmo Cricket I tell ya! Their papers are so pretty, so cute, so fun, so whimsical, so vintage and I'm SO addicted to it!! Oh no! I need to go to rehab....LOL! Seriously, I'm so in love with Cosmo Cricket right now. If I have the money, I would fill my craft room with everything Cosmo Cricket and I'll never run out of supplies...haha :)

Ok...let's back to reality. I have one more card to share today. got it's Cosmo Cricket paper again(someone pls tell me I'm not crazy?). These are from the Mr Campy collection. I handcut the trees out of the paper and lined it on top of the tag (the tag is traced out from Maya Road sheer tag) then, I stamped the sentiment onto it using black ink by Tsukineko. The stamp is by Imaginisce. A girl can't seem to get enough of glittery things, which is why I add some platinum stickles onto the trunk/branches. I distressed the cut out tag with Ranger tea dye can't really see it in this shot coz it's very subtle.

Isn't that moose toy the cutest thing? It was given to me many years ago by a colleague who at that time went to Canada for a business trip. Since we are at it...let me share with you some photos I took of the souvenirs I received over the years. Eight years to be exact :)

I have three trays that are attached to my cubical. I displayed each tray with souvenirs I received from my colleagues. This tray here is filled with souvenirs from Asia...there are Hong Kong, Bali, Japan, Taiwan, China...etc.

And this tray mainly displayed souvenirs from US. Since our HQ is in San Jose and many of my colleagues will travel to US for work purpose. When they return from their business trip, they will usually get me something :)

These are from all over the world. Mostly are from Australia, the rest are from Paris, Holland, UK...etc.

Ain't this wind chime cute? I noticed that most of my souvenirs from US are from San Francisco :)

And this poor CPU hold my fridge magnets. I know I shouldn't have stick anything on it but that's the only suitable place I can find :)

I hope you enjoy! Take care and happy crafting!


  1. Okay, LOVE your cosmo cricket card...keep 'em know how much I love cc too!!!

    Fun...I love seeing peoples spaces...thanks for sharing!!

  2. WOW! Your space ROCKS!!! So does your card!

  3. Wow... love all the souvenirs you got! hehehe.... especially the cutie lamb :D

    Hey, your card is great! Love the paper you are using *winks*

    I'm hoarding mine still :P

  4. no, you;re not crazy!! lovely card and workspace!!

  5. I am right there with you! I LOVE cosmo cricket! Your card is super cute! And I love your shelves- what a great collection!

  6. what a lovely card Cindy! yes, I luv CC! But right now I am obsessed about Studio Calico kits, hmm...I can see my money being 'invested' on their kids from now on, hehe. Wow, you have accumulated quite a few trinkets, how nice of your colleagues to help build your collection!

    Clouds :D

  7. Oh, lovely souvenirs!!! Wish my work place was International or I have friends who travels often and think of me. What fun!!!!! The card is cute cute too!!