Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello Card

Hello there! It's Thursday time flies! Chinese New Year Celebration is less than a month away and there are so much stuff to do. Cleaning the house, cook for the family and blah blah blah. And not to forget that I have to give red packets this year. In our Chinese tradition, it is customary that a married person give red packets to childrens and single adults during CNY. Each year I would received about RM500 worth of red packets from relatives and friends...what a great fortune! But this year I lost my steady income because I got married last year and it's time for me to give red packets (which I'm so reluctant to

Today's card is made a while back but I have not show you before. So here it is.....more OA stuff. Love love OA!! I used my cuttlebug to die cut the sentiment which belongs to Sheila. I don't know why but I love to see staples on you?? I know my non-crafting friends loathe this idea. I still love it anyway :)

Happy crafting!

Edited to add: Anyone going to CHA??? I so wish that you could bring me with you!!! You can sneak me in your luggage :))


  1. Oh it's a pretty card!:)

    P/s: Have a kid soon...will help you "recoup" on the ang pow giving! *LOL*

  2. Oh, I just have some of this stuff too and can't wait to try it...oh no, staples are JUST FINE! Really, I say, go with whatever you feel like, in this crafting business, anything goes! ;) Love the colors on the card!

    Hilarious about the New Year's thing, yup, same boat here, don't get hardly anything anymore, get married, have kids, and it all goes to them!! LOL!!! Being single sure brought in the dough, hah?

  3. No, we're not going to CHA, but we celebrate CNY! (My mom's Chinese :D). Can't wait to celebrate it with you!

  4. Haha ... well giving is blessing my dear!! If u r so reluntact, u can follow Yvonne's perfect idea, have a child soon :) I enjoy giving my nieces & nephews or to friend's kiddos, the joy on the faces are pure joy to see!!

    Ooo I love ur card & to me staples are awesome addition, OA rocks!!

  5. Cindy what a cute card, luv the flower, it's gorgeous!

    Clouds :D

  6. Hi Cindy!! My best friend gets the lucky red packets each year but she is getting married this August so I guess that's it for her too. Love your card and is that a new blog banner? I look at your blog all the time in my Reader, I've got to pop over to the live thing more often to see these things I guess. :-)

  7. Hey you...great OA the staples...great tradition for CNY...too bad it changes for you this year..

  8. can you believe it? TIme sure flies by! Chinese New Year on the weekend! Yay!

    Aswesome card, Cindy!

  9. Love this! No CHA here, wish I was going!

  10. This is so beautiful! It brings a BIG smile to my face!!