Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Me + Jessy

Hey peeps! Yes, I am still alive :) I was back from KL on Sunday and did not have time to craft. I didn't even have time/energy to sort out the craft supplies that I bought during my trip. I don't know what happen but I had a terrible back pain for the last couple of days. I'm still experiencing the pain while I was typing this. It got worse to the point that I had difficulty to stand straight or walk straight. I thought the pain got something to do with my stomach problem but it's not. So, I have to see an orthopaedic soon....if the pain persist. I hate to go to hospital again.....especially the long wait. It's no fun :(

Let's talk about happy stuff :) I finally get to meet Jessy while I was in KL! She's so friendly and I enjoy chatting with her! Too bad our meeting lasted only an hour+ because I got to rush back for my cousin's wedding.
Jessy: "It was fun chatting with you and thanks for the beautiful stuff that you gave me. I would love to meet you again!"

I was supposed to meet Evelin too but didn't make it because I had to leave early on Sunday. There's always next time :)

Have a great day :)


  1. Oh Cindy...hope that you are feeling much fun meeting bloggie friend...darn that you weren't able to meet up with Evelin!!

  2. guys look GREAT! How wonderful, beautiful photo of you! I'm so sorry to hear the back is acting up now...oh how I so wish your back and stomach will be good as new again!! Wishing you well and lots of hugs!

  3. Sorry to hear about your back pain...hope you feel better soon. :)

  4. Hey Cindy!! It was really fun to meet you and you are such a fun person to be with! I do hope to meet with you again too :) Thanks for your time :) Don't we look great?? LOL!!

  5. we'll meet next time? It's just unfortunate not to be able to meet you face-to-face...

    How's your back? I hope you're feeling better...

  6. awww...great that you meet Jessy...she's cool isn't it!?

  7. Soo cute! Love the picture and you looked so pretty there.

    Hmmm, no card cause of your neck problem? Maybe if you do some physical therapy and maybe see how you stand, sit, etc... your posture basically, you might get more comfortable. I have a bit of scoliosis but not enough to make life miserable. My friend has it pretty bad and the PT guy had to tape her back. She learned how to do it herself and she had to do this treatment for a few months. I guess it helped her. I hope you feel better!!!!

  8. Take care of your neck. Oh you were down to KL?
    Great to see you and JEssy together. Enjoy!!