Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Look what I found in the mail today????

I found this beautiful card! If you are an avid follower or fan of Amy, you'll find this card familiar. Yes, this card is by Amy all the way from Washington! Isn't she's the sweetest thing? I always love happy mail! Thanks sista!

Oh yeah....just a little update on the Twilight Saga. I finished reading New Moon last week and this is what I am reading now.......

Is it me or what but I find Bella quite annoying in this book. I only begin to read this book so hopefully she does not annoy the hell outta me as I read further :)


  1. yay!! at last someone who finds Bella annoying. I kinda read fast or skip her scenes in the book :P hehehe.

    love your card..very pretty colours

  2. LOL... babe, you're fast!
    I'm still at Twilight.... can't seem to find the time to finish reading it... :P

    Love the card she sent to you. I received one in the mail today too. Isn't she the sweetest!!! :D

  3. Hi there! I`m a little card maker from Malaysia too :) That`s a great card from your friend! Hope you`ll have a nice time reading Eclipse! I only read Twilight though.

  4. Lucky girl, that is fantastic! She is so sweet, I received one too!

  5. ♥♥awwwww♥♥ glad you like it...I thought it was fitting for you with all the pink:)

  6. How beautiful and thoughtful of Amy to send you this card, it is indeed cheery and bright!! How happy!