Thursday, September 6, 2012

And just like that....

.....she is seven months!

Her hair starting to grow
She can crawl and sit on her own
She still loves to bite especially her car seat strap, stroller strap, rocker strap....makes want to go out and buy a strap just for her to
She loves her rice porridge
She still loves to smile and always so happy
She is learning to wave good bye
She is talkative and very loud
She is very active and energetic
She is not afraid of strangers (but her mama does)

That's my baby at seven months 


  1. little buddy. Aunty sharon loves her too. too adorable!!!

  2. auuw... My darling shes so cute... I want to eat her!!! hugs...xoxo

    Yes I've received your kit!!! ...will revealed soon...stay tuned...xx