Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I only realized that this card that I made for Scrappin Studio was not posted on my blog yet. Super forgetful I am! My memory has gone from bad to worst since I gave birth to Abby earlier this year. There were a couple of times where I completely forgotten about turning off the stove or where I put my car key.  Sometimes I even forget what I had for lunch. Bad right? I know.


  1. Great card, love the negative images! And I don't even have kids and my memory sounds pretty similar ;)

  2. Gorgeous card Cindy.... hugs...xoxo

  3. Gorgeous card dear:)
    Memory..likewise...a little more scattered myself lol

  4. Oh I love your new blog Cindy! I finally found some time to blog hop and just had to check in to see what you've been up too. I adore your scrapbook pages and Abby's photos are just so cute! Hope all is well and life has been good. Hugs, Carly