Friday, March 1, 2013

Jillibean Soup: Feb projects

TGIF! I have a card and a layout to share with you today....

A very simple yet masculine card using pea pod parts from the Macho Nacho Soup collection. I love how the products are named after soup.....but they also create a problem for me when I work on my project way past midnight....they make me hungry! Lol.

At a glance, one would quickly think that these photos were taken at the same time but the truth is they were taken at five years apart. The one on the left was from 2008 and the one on the right was taken earlier this year. Thanks to the sunglasses that hide our "changes". I am pretty sure if we take off our sunglasses, you are able to tell which is the old and which is the new photo. Anyways, bakc to the layout....if you wish to know more of the supplies used, you can always check out Jillibean Soup blog. There are tons, and I mean tons of daily inspiration to keep you going.

Alrighty...that's all I have for today. If you don't see me dropping by your blog to say hi this week, I'm sorry. I promise you will see me again next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the "then" & "now" layout with the two of you wearing your sunglasses! Too sweet!

  2. I like Layout! Simple and very beautiful!!xoxo