Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sweet Little Moments

Can I say that I love all the patterned paper from the 5th & Frolic collection by DearLizzy? The color and pattern on each paper just make my heart goes pitter patter. While in the process of making this layout, I kept reminding myself to save each and every piece of scrap left from this precious collection of mine  :) The chipboard pieces are from Neapolitan collection, also by DearLizzy. I had them for a while but never gotten around to use it until now. I also had a thing for splatter ink these days and it really does add some interesting details to my otherwise plain layout. I used to be hesitant about using cardstock as my layout background but ever since I discovered this fun technique, cardstock has been my go to choice.

This picture holds a special place in my heart for a couple of reason. First, it was candid....we were totally unprepared and I wasn't even aware of it. Second, Abby was smiling happily. Third, she was actually crying really loud before the smile took over. We did a mini photoshoot at a friend's house and while halfway through, Abby fell and knocked her head hard on the floor. She wailed like there's no tomorrow and I quickly picked her up and comfort her. It was when my friend decided to capture this precious moment of us. It reminded me of how much I love my daughter and that I would always protect her and be by her side whenever possible. It is sweet little moments like this that I would want to remember forever.



  1. Gorgeous! 5th & frolic my favorite too!!! :)

  2. Beautiful layout, Cindy Lee! I adore this photo-- it's wonderful!

  3. That is one of my fave collections. So many different color combos and all beautiful. This is gorgeous and so sweet!! Love the story behind this.

  4. Your girl is such a darling and such tender love from mummy.

    I love how you essemble all the elements together. Tender sweet :)

  5. absolutely enchanting your page