Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Award!!!

YES!! I've received another award and this time it's from my sweet bloggy friend, Tiff!! I just recently got to know Tiff and she's a such a sweet gal. I'm happy to get to know her :) To accept this award, there are rules to follow simply by commenting on the blog of the person awarding it to you, pass it on to at least 5 other, and reveal 5 things you enjoy doing. The five things I enjoy are....

1) Coffee of course (I must start my day with a cuppa)

2) Playstation (expert says playing games help to stimulate your start playing now)

3) Shopping with my girlfriends

4) Blog Hopping

5) Making CARDS

Now, I shall pass this award to these 5 fab ladies Michelle, Sasha, Rachel, Carly, Clouds


  1. Hey there! Congrats on your award! Your blog is lovely and I always enjoy visiting. And thank you for thinking of me and sending wishes my way. Have a happy Monday!! Carly

  2. Congrats on your award, Cindy!

  3. Hey dearie :) Yup. I craft late too :P Usually I have the tv on. I love a bit of noise while crafting.

    But sure, we could chat with each other too :) Erm, how to exchange msn or gmail contact with each other? :)

  4. Thank you Cindy ... very sweet of you to think of me :-) Will post it up on my blog soon.

  5. You are a girl after my own heart!

  6. Cindy, I don't have microsoft outlook...erm, do you mind if you email me instead? Or give me your email address :) Mine's

  7. So you're a gamer!!!? VERY COOL!

  8. wow Cindy, thanks so much for the award, I'm so honored! you are a gamer, I wouldn't be able to tell hehe! I play the Wii, well the old school games like Super Mario Bros 3, hehe, the new one is coming out and can't wait :D Will post on my blog real soon :D

    Thanks again,
    Clouds :D

  9. I'll go shop with ya :P I love shopping even though when I was in Singapore I was overwhelmed. Too many shops to go through!! My feet were killing me. How's shopping in your area? Kansas City is fun for me. Ok, Playstation stimulates your brain? Really? Hubby wants one. We have a Wii and he just got rid of his old gaming system... not sure what... so he can get a new Playstaton.