Thursday, August 6, 2009

Black Day

Yesterday went by uneventful at my workplace. A couple of my colleagues have been terminated by the company and they had to leave immediately upon notice. No packing up, no email and not even a goodbye. The news came shockingly and none of us were prepare for this. Everyone's one mood turned sombre and I have to admit I was emotionally affected by this. None of us saw this coming and I feel sorry that they had to go through this. I just hope and pray that this will not happen anymore in the near future. But who can't predict the future, right???

Anyways, I have one more card to show you today. My ex-schoolmate asked me to create a birthday card for her husband. The only request from her is to create something that got to do with poker. And here's what I did.

Have great day, ya!


  1. Fabulous card! Bummer about work...seems to be be happening everywhere nowadays.

  2. Gorgeous card Cindy! And I am so sorry to read about what happend at work. Not a great day for anyone.

  3. What a cool card you made! I love the Ace card you used along with the crown! Sorry about work. :-(

  4. Wow..your cards are GORGEOUS! :)

    Sorry about work..>.<

    Thanks for coming by my blog, though! Nice to find a fellow Malaysian crafter! :)

  5. This is perfect! My hubby would definitely love this card! I'm so sorry about your work situation...that stinks. Just count your blessings and keep moving forward!