Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

It's me again!! Yep....two posts in a day! How nice! I have one more card (commissioned by my colleague) to show you here. My friend Jane just recently bought some SU stamps and she's kind enough to let me borrow them. Let me tell you, those SU stamps that she bought are so CUTE! She bought six (if I remembered correctly) and I borrowed two from her. I'll show you what I created using one of the stamp.

As you can see, I don't really use much stamp on most of my card. But I'm having tons of fun playing with these SU stamps. I purposely bought a new set of watercolor pencils to use with these stamps. How do you like my coloring?? I don't know what happen but my hand was shaky when I took this picture. So the image was a bit blurry. Oh yeah...see that small butterfly again?'s cut out from Prima's addictive :) Not sure if you can see it from here but I dab some stickles all over the image to make it glittery :)


  1. My kind of friend! LOL! I was talking with my mom via skype and she was showing me her stamp collection. I cannot WAIT to play with all her stuff when we go back to the States for a visit!! Oh, and your cards are SO cute!

  2. Very cute I have this set and have not used it in forever so thanks for the inspiration

  3. Lovely! Great coloring job you did there! Them SU stamps are fun... oh wait, any cute stamps are fun ;)