Friday, August 7, 2009

Home again...

It's Friday! Yes! I've been waiting for Saturday to come since Monday. I need more sleep! I used to go to bed at 10:30pm or earlier and my friends would laugh at me because they said I sleep too early. But now, things have changed and I only go to bed past midnight. I usually set my alarm at 6:3oam but when it rings, I struggle to wake up. God knows how many time I press snooze whenever the alarm goes on. Psst...let me tell you a secret...I even close my eyes while brushing my teeth. Please tell me I'm not Am I the only one who's having problem waking up or are you on the same boat with me? Come on...share with makes me feel better (or less guilty, coz I'm always late for work. Shhh...don't tell my boss)

Ok....another card to share with you today. My friend, Penny was invited to a house warming party and she commissioned me to create a card for the host. The die cut house is from Fancy Pants and the chipboard letters are from AC. I actually embossed the cloud with my cuttlebug but you can't see in this photo. I'm lazy to stitch so I add some faux stitching on the punched border and stick it to the edge of the card.

I got to go now and hope you are having a great weekend. Tata!


  1. OMGoodness...this is absolutely a-dorable!!! Fabbie job!!!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Such a cute card love all the little details!!!

  3. I love this card!!! The house, papers, everything is so fab!

  4. wow i love this card.. totally amazing

  5. This is a nice, Cindy!
    I sure need some sleep, Cindy! I struggle every morning. My alarm goes off at 5:30 but I always convince myself I can stay in bed for another10 minutes, then 15, 20.....of course, get to work late! {sign}
    Hope you are having a fabulous day!
    Have a good weekend!