Monday, August 3, 2009


Good morning, ladies! How's your day? Well, today I'm going to sell off something very dear to me. My car. Right now we have three cars at home. One belongs to my in-laws, HB and mine. Since HB is not always around, he suggested that I sell my car. I agreed and today we need to hand over the car to the dealer. I'm a bit sad to sell it because this is the 1st car I bought with my own money. It was six years ago when I just started working and have no car. It's difficult to move around and more difficult to go to work. Every morning, my dear brother would send me to work and every morning he would mumbled at me. Because I had to wake him up so early. He start work at 9am and mine at 8am. Luckily HB don't mumble when I ask him to drive me to work :) After some deliberation, I decided to buy a 2nd hand car. I saved up some money and got myself a seven years old local manufactured car. Six years had passed and my car is now thirteen years old. During these six years, it has not break down even once (can you believe it??) Not even a tyre puncture (yes, I have not change a tyre before). I'm so thankful for it!! That's why now I felt a bit reluctant to give up my car. Oh boy....
What about you? Do you remember when you bought your first car? Do you still keep it? Or is it belongs to someone else now? Share your stories with me.....

Btw, I have a card to show you today. It's a birthday card I made for a good friend of mine. His birthday was two weeks ago. I hope he doesn't mind that. (KY...if you read this, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you like it. Let's plan for dinner sometime next week)

Thanks for coming by! I hope you are having a great day. I will be back tomorrow with another card :)


  1. Ohmiword, that owl is TOO cute!!!

    My first car is in a metal graveyard somewhere. It was a cute little car though. :)

  2. Cuuuuuuute!!! Love the owl!! My first car was in college. It was a used Oldsmobile. It worked well until a year after I graduated. It just would shut down. It could have been fixed but it was old so I sold it as is nd got another used one... newer but used. Today I am driving my first new car. I've had it for 2 yrs I think... maybe a bit more.

    I was sad to sell my first but it had to go. I know how you feel!!!

  3. whatta fun owlie!!! Love her eyepatch!

    Oh boy, I was happy to get rid of my 1st kept breaking down on my :(

  4. I love your card! I hope he likes it too! I DO remember my first car, cheap and reliable! I miss that thing, it was great on gas!

  5. Great colours here, Cindy! Too cute :)

    Sorry to hear about your car :( My first was not at all cute LOL. I can't believe yours never broke down!

  6. You have some beautiful creations here!!!TFS!!

  7. Hey I forgot to say congrats on your Card Patterns card!!!

  8. congrats on the Card Patterns top card! Your card is gorgeous and definitely deserves the top spot! I like this cute owl card you created!

  9. oh cute! what a neat looking card, the colors are great and the owl is so cute! I can totally relate to ya on the car thing. when I came to the US for college I took the bus and sometimes got rides from friends or from my host fam, it was always a pain! My first car well, hehe, it wasn't a sec hand car. I got lucky enough to get my brand new VW Jetta, yeah, but i didn't get my car until I was 21 so...I dunno if it pays off for all those yrs I was here w/out a car. I still have it!
    Thanks for your kind words on my last post, it really meant a lot to me!

    Clouds :D